How to Start a Startup

My notes on How to Start a Startup by Sam Altman.


Google Analytics 101

How to Present Data Effectively in Presentations

Often, people judge your work by the quality of the way you present it. That’s why when you are at school, when you pitch, when you give a talk, and anywhere you are, the way you present yourself and your work matters. When you have to present data, it’s even harder because numbers and statistics can be difficult to explain. That’s why I’m going to continue the discussion started here (How to Pitch) about how to present data effectively in presentations.

Do You Feel Ready?

Since I’ve been in Start-Up Chile, I’ve learned a lot of things. Concepts – like How To Pitch – but also some life lessons.
Leaving your country and moving to the other side of the world is not an easy decision, and after two months a lot of things come to mind.
Among other things, I’ve realized that sometimes I don’t feel ready.
I always feel as if there’s something I need to improve and study more before doing anything.
And I’ve realized that that’s stupid.

How To Give a 3-5 Minute Pitch

Three months ago my start-up, Archon, joined the Start-Up Chile family as a member of Gen 9th. So I quit my job in Italy and moved to Santiago.
I arrived just one month ago and I already feel at home. Santiago is really beautiful in summer and Chileans are really friendly. I’d like to share my experience and the things I’m learning here.
The first of many things I’ve learned here is how to pitch. In fact, I haven’t seen a lot of the city so far… I know my house, the CMI office, the Moneda office, Cerro San Cristobal… and that’s about it (for the Start-Up Chile team reading, yes, you really scared us during the Intro Days, we are really working very, very hard).
But let’s get back to the pitch.

Come installare MiKTeX e TeXnicCenter

Scaricare MiKTeX e TeXnicCenter

Dal sito scaricare l’ultima versione disponibile di MiKTeX.
Miktex …